Touchstone T'ai Chi Ch'uan
South Ayrshire
Yang Style
Sun Style
The T’ai Chi Union site is very informative
and extensive. 
Music, DVD’s and much more.
Supplier of T’ai Chi weapons of quality also
clothes and accessories
From time to time you may need medical help
or guidance, there is none better than here.
An excellent selection of Chinese clothing and footware
Premier UK Retailers of Hanwei (Paul Chen) Swords and Martial Arts Equipment (Highly Recommended)

Mesothelioma is formed from toxic asbestos fibers latching onto the inner linings of the lungs. Having a latency period of 20 to 50 years can often mean that once diagnosed, symptoms will be strong and the pain, unbearable at times. People diagnosed with Mesothelioma are often overpowered by anxiety disrupting their internal power to heal. T’ai Chi is an excellent way to break stress to return the balance needed for a healthier state of inner peace. http://www.mesotheliomasymptoms.com/

Alan Lee Osteopathy  

Occasionally we need help for external injuries, back and joint pain. Alan Lee, based in Ayr is a
highly skilled osteopath, whom I can personally recommend.
Luxury Self Catering Scotland
If you are thinking of taking a peaceful break in a lovely Northern Scottish location, then check out this selection of superb self catering cottages.

Taoism and the Taoist Arts from Tao Directory Visit Tao Directory, where you'll find links to everything related to Taoism and the Taoist Arts. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single click...
Welcome to the Shop Holistic group, where we are committed to helping you achieve well-being in Body, Mind & Spirit!

For all your herbal needs and more. I have been using this company for over 30 years and can personally vouch for the quality of products and service.

"We would like to introduce you to the origins of a mysterious, ancient drink called Immortalitea™." http://www.aumtea.com/jiaogulan_tea.htm

A personal favourite tea of mine with the added benefit of many health benefits.

Drug Dangers is committed to providing information on a range of medications and medical devices that have serious complications. We provide consumer info and the latest news regarding medical issues. The site has pulled together everything related to defective medical devices and drugs in order to promote education and awareness for victims, their families, and the general public.

Ancient Purity presents natural, real health in superfood and supernutrient form along with health technology that encourage the body's healing capacity. It's your body that does the healing, supplements and devices simply provide the correct fuel the body requires to make this possible.


"Chemtrails" is the name given to plumes emitted by aircraft in the sky.

"Geoengineering" is the name used to define the intentional process of altering - or "engineering" - the Earth's atmosphere.

Learn More: http://globalskywatch.com

UK Medical Malpractice Laws
Although a formidable bureaucratic entity, the NHS is not immune from claims filed by legitimate patients being forced to endure the fallout from clinical negligence. In fact, thousands more patients each year seek to file claims against the NHS with the help of a solicitor or legal advocate with a large percentage of cases resulting in settlements or payouts by the NHS for sub-standard, negligent, or inappropriate medical care.

Learn More: http://www.malpracticecenter.com/states/uk

Across the world, death and serious injuries occur from Consumer Products all too often.  This site is dedicated to help raise awareness to these products that we hope will decrease the amount of these tragedies.  Education is the key to consumer protection and we hope to be the best resource available.

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Recent Information and Statistics on Defective Drugs & Medical Devices

In 2013, the Mayo Clinic found that nearly 70 percent of Americans take at least one prescription drug each month. The majority of medications are safe for consumption, but we believe in educating the public about thousands of prescription and over-the-counter medications, many of which have the potential to cause serious side effects. Our easy to navigate online database is constantly being updated with drug recall news, and provides comprehensive, unbiased information about serious side effects, complications, and interactions of commonly prescribed drugs.

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Touchstone Essentials

Good Clean Nutrition at your Fingertips

I can highly recommend this company for quailty organic nutrition.